Definitive Guide: 10 Biggest Challenges in Recruitment and How to Solve Them 🚀

To attract the best talent out there, companies must adopt new ways of thinking, skills, and technologies. In this guide you will get concrete ideas on

 how to enhance your recruitment process
 provide better candidate experience, and
 make sure you catch your ideal candidates.

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The Ultimate Guide for a Modern HR Professional

The recruitment game has changed. It's now a two-way street that needs new skills, tactics, and technologies. In this guide, we will give you tips for solving the following challenges. 👇


How to Attract More Relevant Candidates and Avoid Irrelevant Applications


How to Make Every Job Candidate Your Greatest Fan and Not Your Enemy


How to Ensure No Relevant Candidate is Accidentally Overlooked


How to Make Application Process Simpler for Candidates


How to Ensure that Hiring Managers Do Their Part of the Work With Motivation


How to Make Recruitment More Efficient and Fill Positions Faster


How to Build Talent Communities that Really Work


How to Gather and Manage Employee Referrals 


How to Track HR Data and Improve Your Processes in a Data-Driven Way


How to Keep the Hired Candidates Warm Before Their First Day at Work

Get these concrete tips and much more

A five-step process for building a Talent Community

A list of important metrics you should start following

Example of candidate-friendly communication